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Paying Yourself

A business owner gets to come up with a budget for a paycheck – for him/herself. It sounds great, doesn’t it? You get the freedom of having the salary you want. However, it’s only good in theory. The majority of business owners have a tough time knowing what to give themselves. They often ask themselves three key questions: Should I pay what I need to handle the expenses? What can my business afford? What was my previous salary like before I began my business? The best th..

Bookkeeping Basics

Many entrepreneurs will keep their business’s financial details in their head… for good reason. They don’t have to worry about software crashing, learning a new piece of software, etc. However, in order for business owners to succeed, they need to ensure that their books are correctly lined up, and keeping it all done by head can get confusing. Plus, failure to keep accurate records could mean trouble with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). 5 Bookkeeping Tips To Ensure Your Busine..

Customer Service

Customer service… you have to have it if your business is to survive and thrive. It doesn’t matter how good the offers you provide are if customers don’t come back to your business. Therefore, it’s imperative that you provide outstanding customer service, and ensure they’re happy from the very beginning to the very end. You want them to speak positively about their experience with you, to ensure that more people will frequent your company and they become repeat customers. How..


When you first start your business, you want to advertise it. However, money is tight and print ads and banner ads can get expensive… quick. What are you to do? How can you ensure the success of your business if cash funds are low for the advertising budget? You might think there’s nothing you can do, but that’s just not true! Actually, there are seven advertising suggestions you can use if your advertising budget is low. 1. Google AdWords Both PPC (pay-per-click) and AdWords ca..

How to Create a Website

If you’re starting a business and you want it to succeed, you must have a web presence. If this is something you’ve dreaded doing because you don’t understand how to do it or don’t have the capital to have someone else do it, you’re missing out on business because of it. Don’t miss out any longer! It’s time for you to have a business website and get the exposure you need for your business to succeed. Of course, you don’t have to know about programming to create a successful we..

Going Online

There are many small businesses that have held out – for one reason or another – to put their business out on the Internet. However, doing this is costing them dollars. Why is that? What is it about the Internet that makes it such a good idea to have a website, social media page, etc.? When a company uses the Internet to promote itself, word about it can spread quicker and farther than print or television media. Therefore, a business with a website can reach people who live half a world a..

Building a Brand

So, you’ve got things going for your business – that’s great! Now you need to develop an image for your business. An image lets people know that when they see it, it’s your business. For example, McDonald’s is the 2 golden arches and Ronald McDonald. Starbucks has a memorable logo and name, which makes it the gold standard in branding. You want an image that helps the public to associate it with your business whenever they see or hear it. 3 Steps To Build A Brand For The Public To..

Harnessing Technology

When you decide to go into business for yourself, you’ve got to figure out all the ways you’ll stay in touch with your current and prospective customers. Will you consistently put ads in the paper or magazines? Will you cold call them? Will you send mail advertisements? Will you use technology to stay in touch with them? Technology… you may not realize it, but it’s an important component to the success of a business – large or small. However, it’s the one area many business ow..

Business Equipment

When it comes to office or other equipment, you have the option of buying or leasing. Of course, like everything else in life, there are good and bad aspects to both options. Here’s a look at the options, and you can decide from them if leasing or buying is better for you. A Look At Leasing Equipment For Your Business Four Benefits Of Leasing 1. Current Equipment When you lease equipment, it doesn’t become obsolete, which generally happens when you purchase tech equipment. A lease ..