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The Best Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away in Australia

Hey there, Aussie green thumbs and outdoor enthusiasts! Are you fed up with mosquitoes turning your backyard paradise into a no-go zone? Fear not! There's a natural and aesthetically pleasing way to combat these pesky critters – plants. Yes, certain plants can help keep mosquitoes at bay. We'll cover the 6 best plant options to add to your garden for a mozzie-free Aussie summer. These plants are effective at keeping mosquitoes (or "mozzies" as they're often called in Australia) away due to ..

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active In Australia?

G'day, mates! As we're all too aware, Australia's unique climate and environment make it a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. These pesky insects are not just a nuisance; they can also be a health hazard, transmitting diseases like Dengue and Zika virus. In this blog, we're going to delve into the patterns of mosquito activity in Australia and share some tips on how to keep these buggers at bay. Mosquito Activity in Australia Mosquitoes in Australia are most active during the warmer months,..

Best Mosquito Zapper Reviews Australia 2023

Reviewing and Comparing Top 5 Mosquito Zappers for Indoor and Outdoor Use Hi there! So, you're tired of being bugged by pesky insects at home and during outdoor activities, huh? Well, you're not alone. Everyone would prefer a bug-free environment, wouldn't they? Fortunately, technological advancements have gifted us with mosquito zappers, an equipment designed to attract and annihilate these annoying insects, providing us with a much more pleasant and comfortable living space. Mosquito zappe..

The 6 Most Popular Paving Patterns and Designs (With Examples)

The widespread use and popularity of paving patterns dates back centuries. Starting with the Romans, who experimented with and pioneered various paving designs spanning thousands of mosaic and cobbled paths and roads, these earliest paving patterns and designs can still be seen in ancient cities around the world today. Paving patterns: from past to present Of course, these early paving patterns were basic and crude, matching the limited tools the medieval builder had to work with. Today, pavin..

How To Clean A Glass Pool Fence (And Just Enjoy The View!)

  Glass pool fencing looks fantastic around any pool area compared to traditional types of fences. This is especially true if it’s meant to provide an unobstructed view of the coastline or the rolling hills. However, if you are choosing between types of fencing, one question that springs to mind is "how do I clean a glass pool fence and keep that view crystal clear?". It's actually really easy.  Don't let suggestions that glass fencing is hard to clean keep you from calling a f..

Best Lawn Care Tips This Spring

The spring is coming and it’s time you took care of your lawn to get some lush green grass growing all over. Let’s start it! Rake Deeply This is the first thing you need to do when you’re planning to prepare your lawn for this spring. You need to do it not only to remove leaves or other light scattered things but also to remove thatches. Thatch is a loose, organic layer of shoots, stems, and roots. It is an overlooked and stealthy layer in your lawn that develops between the green gr..

How To Find Termites In Your Garden

Most homeowners find termites as terrifying as spiders since they often eat away their homes discreetly. However, few think about attractive it might be for termites in their gardens. Aside from staying inside wooden materials in the house, termites also survive and develop in warm, damp and cultivated surroundings like gardens. There are some signs if these fear inspiring creatures are truly living in your garden and ways you can prevent them from being attracted in the first place. We'v..

Six Tips to Pimp Your Garden and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Take a look at the fruit and veg section of your local supermarket. Usually, you’ll see endless crates of carrots, rows of apples all the same shape and size, and runner beans that look like they’ve been neatly made by a machine. Worse still, you might see all of that produce wrapped in enough plastic to make yourself a passable three-person tent. Chances are it’s been flown in from all over the world, from growers who use harmful pesticides and fertilisers which drain every ounce o..

Tips to Make an Eco-Friendly Farming

Perhaps no industry has gone through the enormous range of changes that farming has over the years. Initially, everyone farmed in a small way: it was growing at least some food for the family or starve – meat was often a treat, saved for special occasions or the rich. Co-operative farming ventures and wealthy landlords saw farms grow and become profitable, able to focus on food crops that brought in the biggest return on investment. From there farming diversified massively. Subsistence..

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