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5 Office Accessories You Need For Better Productivity

Everyone knows that being productive is how you move things further along. Though, sometimes staying productive is easier said than done. A lack of motivation and overall tiredness can occur, which leads to a slow in productivity. It’s okay to rest, but if that state lasts for a while, it can leave a permanent damper on your business. That’s why it’s great that there are certain office accessories which can help bring the motivation back and increase the desired productivity. 1. A wireles..

4 Productivity Apps & Hacks You Need to Try

Productivity takes personal investment and self-discipline, which can take a long time to achieve. But sometimes, all you need is a quick hack to get the productivity boost that’ll have you checking off your entire to-do list. So read on for some of the best tricks that are sure to put you in position to succeed – and the apps that can make things go even more smoothly. 1. Try the Pomodoro technique The Pomodoro technique works by having you set a timer (25 minutes is the traditional..

Grease Trap Cleaning – Why It’s So Important

Grease traps provide an important service by reducing the amount of fat, oil and grease (FOG) that enters into shared sewerage systems. Australian’s produce more than 500,000 tonnes of grease trap waste every year. This waste needs to be removed by regular grease trap cleaning, to ensure that FOG doesn’t cause problems. While grease traps provide an important job, they need to be regularly maintained to prevent further problems. Grease trap cleaning is the only way to properly remove F..

Choosing Waste Management Services In A Recycling Crisis

Whatever industry you are in; it is highly encouraged to find waste management services with an approach that is environmentally friendly. After all, every business has environmental responsibilities, especially given the current recycling crisis in Australia. However, there’s a downside to having too many options. You are probably having a difficult time deciding on which waste management services to choose right now. It also doesn’t help that several factors can come into play, l..

Better Business Decision Making (An Entrepreneur’s Guide)

If you’re running your own business, you probably know that there are so many important decisions that have to be made every day. The only problem is – if you don’t have any experience running a business, making these decisions can be extremely tough. This is especially the case because a single bad choice can slow down the progress of the entire company. So, if you’re looking to step up your decision-making game, you could use all the help you can get. That’s why we came up with 5 tip..

Small Business Website Packages (A Buyers Guide)

Small business website packages are ideal for most businesses. You get a fixed price website design and all the features included are set so you know what you're getting right? Too often business owners fall into the trap of purchasing a web design package before they really understand what's involved and what they really need for a successful website. In this buyers guide to website packages I'm going to take you through the essentials of any website design based on over 10 years experience..

5 Tips for a More Beautiful and Functional Home Office

Working from home sounds like a dream come true, but only if you have a proper home office. Having the option of staying in your pajamas, underwear or favourite T-shirt all day long instead of putting on a suit is useless if you don’t have a desk and a chair where you can work. The good thing with a home office is that you can decorate it any way you like, making it truly your own. If you need help with this process, here are a few tips how to reach a more functional home office. Choose W..

How to Create a Business Plan

Your business, if it is to succeed, must have a guide to help you ensure its success. This guide comes in the form of a business plan. What is a business plan? It’s a written portrayal of how you see your business’s future. It lets you know what your plans are and how you are going to execute those plans. It doesn’t matter where you write this plan out – so long as it’s written out, you’ve got a business plan. The idea behind a business plan is to get you from Point A (the pre..

4 Secrets to Win Social Media Marketing

Social media… when you think of it, do you associate your business with it? Many companies are using the power of social media to catapult them further into the worldwide market… a way to gain customers who live half a world away. Social media allows people to establish new customers and reinforce the existing bond with previous relationships that can lead to three things: Loyalty Word of mouth marketing Brand awareness It may seem a little overwhelming to use social med..