10 Event Theme Ideas To Create Fond Memories

More event planners and hosts are integrating special themes into their parties. Whether you are hosting a wedding, a business gathering or birthday party, an event theme will make it a memorable experience for everyone. Check out these 10 event themes that are becoming more popular amongst partygoers: 1. Tropical Fiesta Tropical events feature bright colours and an array of patterns. You will want the environment to make your guests feel like they’re someplace tropical. Decorate the s..

6 Classy Hens Party Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

While your big day is all about the happy couple, the hens party is all about you and your closest girlfriends. To be a memorable occasion it doesn't have to be all booze, sticky nightclub floors and willy straws. Often that's just not everyone's cup of tea;) Fun and classy hens night ideas are often the most memorable and enjoyed by everyone. And they don't have to cost a fortune! But above all else, the hens party is simply a brilliant excuse for an amazing night out with the girls, so ..

5 Fun Office Christmas Party Ideas Staff Really Enjoy

We’re still halfway through 2018 and yet here you are doing your research on office Christmas party ideas. This is a good thing because you only want nothing but the best for your loyal and industrious staff, and you know leaving it until the last minute means limiting your options to the Christmas party ideas that aren't already booked out. However, you know that office parties can be dreaded for various reasons. Some are not born social butterflies while some are perfectly okay with booze..

5 Ways To Make Your 80s Party Theme ‘Totally Awesome’

Do you miss the 80s? Hankering for an 80s themed party? You're not alone. Not convinced the 80s was great as great as the hype? Let us remind you. Pac-Man. The Rubik's cube. The outlandish clothes. The TV. The hair spray and gel. The mullets. The movies. The brilliant and dangerous play equipment. kids BMXing in the streets. When it comes to planning a party an 80s theme is, well, totally awesome dude! But let's not forget the thing we celebrate the most about that unforgettable decade which ..

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