Best Electric Scooter Reviews Australia 2023

Review and Comparison of 7 Renowned Electric Scooter Models You've been thinking about trading in that gas-guzzler for a more eco-friendly, cost-effective, and fun mode of transportation? Good news! Electric scooters can be the perfect solution. They are not just for kids anymore but have evolved into a popular choice for adults too, especially for short city commutes or quick neighbourhood errands. Over the years, an impressive roster of electric scooters with various designs, features, and te..

Top Dash Cam Reviews For Australia In 2023

Looking for the best dash cams in Australia? Imagine driving down the open road with the peace of mind that even if something unexpected happens, you've got it all recorded in crystal clear detail. This is the assurance dash cams provide. These clever little devices, which are fast becoming standard features in many vehicles, give you a non-stop, real-time video recording of your journey, offering an unmatched level of security and convenience. With a wealth of options available, we're going to..

The Basic Electrical Maintenance Of A Caravan

Caravans are simple, elegant machines. They trundle along silently behind your car or truck, without a care in the world, providing you with a place of refuge for the night ahead and many memories. The same can be said for their electrical systems — these uncomplicated systems were made for uncomplicated machines. This is fantastic for the inexperienced roadside electrician (yourself) and an experienced automotive electrician. It means you can rig up certain things in your caravan’..

How to Sell Your Boat Successfully

Thinking of selling your boat? In order to do it right, there are a few key things you need to consider in your approach. Whether you are selling a small dinghy or a yacht, the process involved requires a few steps to be made. The appropriate actions need to be taken regarding the transfer of ownership, any insurance needs, and ensuring the overall condition of the boat is satisfactory. Not to mention, the right selling approach needs to be implemented. A surprising amount of people ov..

How To Get That New Car Smell Again?

There’s something oddly therapeutic about a new car smell that makes it as satisfying as the smell of freshly baked bread, or the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans on a cold winter's morning. A new car smell could be also tied to a special moment in your life, whether it was your first day at your new job or it was a graduation present, maybe it was your first date, it’s safe to say that getting a new car is an unforgettable experience. The smell of a new car is so intoxicatingl..

New Car Technology to Look Forward for your Automobile

Automobile technology moves at an astonishingly fast rate. In recent years we’ve begun to see the kind of futuristic developments which would seem more at home in one of 007’s cars than your average hatchback runaround. Guided missiles to clear your path on the school run? Maybe not (yet), but a host of other technological marvels have revolutionized the way we drive, transforming how we see our cars and what we expect from them. Autonomous Vehicles Has to be top of the list really. Wh..

How to Budget for Your Vehicle Running Costs

Buying a car can seem like a onetime fee, but the cost of running and maintaining your vehicle can end up being an expensive long-term cost. RACQ estimates that the average weekly cost of running a car ranges between $116 to $332 depending on its size and fuel consumption. Managing your vehicle running costs is an important way to reduce your expenses and ensure that your car stays in a good condition for resale. Here are some of the ways that you can keep costs down and improve your c..

How to Sell Your Junk Car and Get Money

If your car has been stationary for a long time, does not have the necessary papers, has several parts missing or it’s too old, then it is likely to be junk. Instead of allowing it to rot in your yard, why not get some cash out of it? Unfortunately, you can't expect to get as much or even close to the buying price but it might fetch some good cash in the market. Here is how to earn extra money from the old car. 1. Evaluate its Value By taking an inventory of the car or determining its va..