Tired of going to the gym on your own with no results? Maybe it is time to consider personalised training sessions with your own personal trainer. Firstly consider your goals – what do you want to achieve? Are you aiming for fitness, weight loss, body building, toning, increased performance for your favourite sport, rehab from injury or illness, or simply the ability to keep up with the kids?

What should you expect when starting with a personal trainer? A personal trainer will start with an assessment of your health and fitness, including medical history and any injuries. After discussing goals, together you will define realistic short term and long term goals and your trainer will develop a personal training plan for you to follow. Nutrition will also be an essential part of the plan so keeping a food diary can be very helpful. This does not mean a short term diet, it means developing good healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. ***Contact me 0426 354 655 OR [email protected]

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