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The Scenic Rim South East Queensland

When people think of Queensland, white sandy beaches and hot summer days come to mind. We are proud to showcase a relatively untouched and undiscovered part of Queensland that most people are yet to truly discover, the Scenic Rim South East Queensland.

The trail starts off with you gently winding through the rainforest trail of Mount Mitchell, a twin-peaked mountain located right next to the busy Cunningham Highway. Starting here, makes you appreciate the decreasing noise of the busy highway and everyday distractions you are leaving behind for the days you are on this adventure with us, as you climb higher, the highway noises are drowned out by the songs of local birdlife.

Mount Mitchell, located in the Main Range National Park, is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia which include the most extensive areas of subtropical rainforest worldwide, expansive areas of warm temperate rainforest and nearly all of the Antarctic beech cool temperate rainforest. Few places on earth contain so many plant and animal species which remain relatively unchanged from their ancestors in the fossil record. We feel very privileged to be able to take you through this area, and provide you with the local history and point out the different plant and animal species along the way.

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