Why Hire Rhino Hydro Vacuum Excavations?

Rhino Hydro Vacuum Excavations specialises in the mass extraction of waste material. Whether you want to hydro excavate just below the surface or an entire area, Rhino Hydro Vacuum Excavations can assist your team on-site more safely than manual hand digging or conventional mechanical excavator digging.

Rhino Hydro Vacuum Excavations’ highly trained vacuum technicians and it’s modern fleet offer precision and safe excavation. Once all underground utilities and services have been located and clearly marked, our specialized hydro-excavation trucks make light work of disrupting and removing ground material for quick access to the service or utility. This NDD (Non-Destructive Digging) is a cost-effective and safe method of exposing services and utilities, which also significantly causes lesser noise and lower environmental impact.

At Rhino Hydro Vacuum Excavations, our approach to hydro excavations and Non-Destructive Digging are the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on getting the best result for our client, in a safe and efficient manner. Results speak for themselves through our clients’ continual use of our services.

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