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Ready Track Ecofleet is an international GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System company with a presence in over 20 countries and 70.000+ vehicles that specialises in GPS based fleet and team management solutions. Our focus is on optimising car fleets and workflows to help our customers reduce costs and increase revenue.

eady Track has helped companies across Australia and abroad cut down labour costs, reduce fuel costs and get a complete overview of their staff and fleet. Much more than just basic tracking, we show businesses how to use our software as a very powerful tool to fine tune their business processes and ultimately run a much leaner business with smoother workflows and automated business reporting.

Connected fleets now only benefit the business, they also help your staff members do their job more efficiently, minimising downtime and increasing productivity, some of the ways we do this is by digitising delivery or job run-sheets, forms and invoices and having your customers data all in the palm on their hand, allowing them to see job or customer details, and navigate to site using the most economical route.

One of the biggest expense to a company is labour cost, in companies where all the staff are in the office, it is easy to see when employees start and finish their shift, how long they take on their breaks, etc. But with businesses that have employees on the road, your staff are invisible, this is where GPS fleet tracking enters as one of your most helpful tools to monitor and manage your staff.

An example of how much your business can save on labour cost, is to think of this scenario; Employees arrive on the job site 15 minutes late, have a 1 hour lunch break, and call it a day 15 minutes before their shift ends. A total of 1 hour of lost time, using automated worktime reports, this can be monitored and lost time can be avoided

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