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We provide our customers with the most thorough, professional and humane Possum Removal service in Melbourne.  Possums are determined animals, once you block off one point to your roof they will try to find any other weak points in the roof to re-gain entry.  That is why we don’t just come out to repair the possums current entry point, we inspect your entire roof to determine all potential points of entry.

Possum Removers offer our customers a humane, fast, effective and professional service to assist you them in controlling their possum issues.

Our Possum Removal & Possum Proofing Services Include:

  • A thorough inspection of your roof to determine the possum entry points along with any potential entry points;
  • Installation of a one way door, which allows the possum to exit the roof to feed at night, however it is not able to re-enter.
  • Once we are confident that the possum has left your roof space, we return to remove the one way door and completely seal the entry point.  All work completed comes with a 12 month guarantee.
  • We are fully Licensed and fully Insured.

Contact Us today on 0473 353 633 or via email to see how we can assist you

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