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Moongodess Intuitive Healing offers a safe and welcoming place where people can receive Reiki healing and intuitive healing sessions. Reiki (pronounced “RAY-kee”) is a world-wide practice that promotes relaxation and healing and works on all levels of body, mind and soul.

While Reiki in Canberra does not replace professional medical and emotional care, it may be used as a complementary and supportive therapy to help balance body/mind/spirit. Reiki is termed an integrative therapy because it actually helps a person’s body utilize any medication much more effectively, especially for long term or chronic conditions.

In a typical Reiki session, the patient lies on a table fully clothed and covered with a sheet or blanket. No diagnosis is necessary; there is no need for the recipient to share details of medical conditions if they prefer. The reiki practitioner’s hands are placed in a specified sequence of positions on the head, chest, and back for approximately five minutes each. A full initial Reiki session lasts about an hour and a fifteen minutes.

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