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My name is Michael Sievwright from Michael The Mover & I have spent over ten years as a professional Brisbane furniture removalist and have learned a great deal about simplifying and successfully executing relocations. I have broken my strategy down into a series of steps.

  • Plan your relocation with as much notice as you possibly can. It helps to get rid of any rubbish or excess furniture prior to removal day whether it’s being thrown away or sold on Gumtree.

  • Engage a professional removalist. Depending on your relocation and level of experience in moving home it may be wise to seek an in-home pre-removal inspection. This is certainly something I suggest for larger moves as it really helps to gather an idea of what’s required from us and also provides an opportunity to give you a good idea of costings.

  • When seeking quotes, make sure you are comparing Apples with Apples. I deal with so many traumatised customers that have been oversold and under delivered by dodgy fly by night companies. These companies present well and promise properly sized removal trucks and professional, friendly staff. Quite often companies will either not turn up, turn up incorrect truck, send two inexperienced backpackers or send nondesirable people into your home.

  • Use proper removal boxes. This is important and also really helps us to stack the truck to its absolute capacity. If we are using small boxes and odd shaped boxes it becomes more trips to the truck which results in a more costly relocation.

  • Start as early as possible. With larger furniture removals, I always suggest starting at 0630AM-0700AM. This helps us to avoid traffic and ensures we get a good start on the job.

  • The cheap company isn’t actually a cheap option. Cheap companies damage, steal, send the wrong size trucks, don’t supply professional equipment and sometimes don’t even turn up. The cost of any of these acts can very easily outweigh the cost of a professional furniture removalist or moving company

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