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Our Quran teachers are Melbourne & Sydney based. Enrolments are open for Iqra Tajweed and Quran face to face (on-site) tutoring. Online Quran lasses (Tajweed for kids) are conducted across Australia. Our teachers are Aleem / Aleema with extensive Academic teaching experience with children / adults. Small group – 4-5 students per group for the best learning, taught by Female & Male Scholars. We teach Iqra Tajweed (Reading Quran with proper pronounciation), Islamic StudiesOnline Quran classes for adultsQuranic Arabic OnlineQuranic Grammar, and Quran Memorisation (to be a huffaz).

“Indeed each of you is a shepherd and each of you will be questioned regarding his flock. …The man is responsible over the inhabitants of his house and he is the one who will be questioned about them.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

Please check out Quranic and ahadith references regarding the Importance of Reciting the Quran with contemplation and a slow, measured recital here.  Do you want to learn more about Tajweed? Or, how about Arabic and Quran classes to gain a deeper meaning of our beautiful religion and the Holy Quran? Check out the New Enrollment Page to contact Learn Quran & Arabic Centre.

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