e-PayDay Pty Ltd is the developer of the highly successful e-PayDay® Australian Made computerised payroll software series. The comprehensive payroll series is flexible, easy to operate and is one of the most up-to-date top selling payroll systems in Australia. e-PayDay® has been available since 1987. Designed and produced ENTIRELY in Australia to meet Australian payroll requirements, e-PayDay® incorporates procedures and functions normally contained in more expensive payroll programs.

e-PayDay® offers a flexible range of Awards and Pay Types for businesses and companies with one to over a thousand employees and is being used by many Industries such as Security, Real Estate, Tourism, Farming, Engineering, Clubs, Service Stations, Medical, Construction, Hardware, Hotels, Employment Agencies, Hospitality, and many more businesses. Designed and produced entirely in Australia for the Small Business to Multiple Companies with one to thousands of employees, e-PayDay® is currently being used in numerous businesses and Industries which require a payroll which is Up-To-Date, yet Simple, Comprehensive, Cost Effective, with readily available support and prompt Updates.

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