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Campbell Davis is a management consultant, specialising in using workflow analysis to help Australian SME businesses grow by improving their operations.

He is the founder of Confident Path Consulting, a consulting firm operating in Adelaide, South Australia. His focus is on understanding his clients’ needs and then helping them through a process of taking small steps towards big goals.

Workflow analysis is a process of documenting and analysing the workflows used in your business operations. After clarifying your processes and subprocesses, it’s possible to discover opportunities for improvement or automation. With ever-growing levels of competition and disruption across all industries, leveraging workflow analysis as part of a process of ongoing improvement is becoming increasingly critical to business survival.

The mission of Confident Path Consulting is to help clients clarify their goals, decide on an effective path, and then move towards these goals as quickly as possible. After the initial analysis, Campbell continues to help his clients by planning and implementing improvement projects focusing on a combination of systems, people, and stories.

Campbell acquired his interest in workflow analysis and business improvement through his experience working as a consultant and project manager for an Adelaide-based tech company, specialising in business systems.

Campbell is well-versed in:

✓ Requirements gathering.
✓ Business process modelling.
✓ Simplifying complex problems.
✓ Project planning.
✓ Project management.
✓ Risk identification.
✓ Business software implementation.
✓ Business software development and integration.
✓ Building effective work habits.
✓ Collaboration with a range of stakeholders.
✓ Research and identify best practices.

Confident Path Consulting is dedicated to ensuring its clients get as much value as possible out of each and every project. If you’re passionate about your business and looking to achieve real results, contact Campbell at:

Phone: (08) 8121 8347
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.confidentpathconsulting.com

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