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CitroClean is a leading Australian company that offers a heavy-duty degreaser to the market. It is quite popular among people as it delivers effective results in degreasing engine components. On top of that, it is also possible to use the degreaser to degrease hard surfaces including walls and floors. It is even possible to use this degreaser to clean all types of mag wheels and tautliners present on the trucks.

One of the best things about this heavy-duty degreaser is its versatility. It can be used during numerous applications. The reason behind the effectiveness of this degreaser is the presence of citrus solvents. Upon degreasing, it will also offer the fragrance of fresh orange. People often fall in love with the results offered out of this degreaser. It will also deliver long-lasting results during the applications.

Since the degreaser is made out of citrus solvents, it is a safe product available to be used on different metal surfaces. They include galvanized, aluminum, and steel cast surfaces as well. Anyone who is interested in the product can directly make the purchase from the CitroClean website. It is an environmentally friendly product available for purchase as well

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  • ABN:37 120 412 884
  • Google Place ID:Ei01LzYxIFdhdHRsZSBSZCwgTWFpZHN0b25lIFZJQyAzMDEyLCBBdXN0cmFsaWEiVxpVClASTgo0CjIJT1a8fdld1moRYjEdOU-i1UEaHgsQ7sHuoQEaFAoSCUs3I8q8YNZqEfA6LkZ4VgQcDBA9KhQKEgn5f7v42l3WahFRB2Nr8jdCiBIBNQ
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