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At Atlas Chiropractic, we have attracted clients from all over Australia and abroad, of all ages, because of our Chiropractors revolutionary and unique focus on Upper Cervical Chiropractic. That is the relationship of the atlas bone on which the weight of the heavy head is perched & the cervical spine that supports it. Based in the Gold Coast, our vision is to help all our clients regain and maintain their health and wellness. We specialise in wholistic & preventative chiropractic care, utilising the latest technology and research available in today’s world. We also specialise in MedX spine and muscle restoration. The Core Essentials MedX Programs deliver a medically proven musculoskeletal rehabilitation program that builds greater core strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. The goal of the program is to increase strength & range of motion, decrease pain levels and increase functional abilities, thus enhancing quality of life.

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