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Aatmaa Yoga and Massage have been created based on a lifetime inspiration for many events. Iveta has obtained her first YTTC at the age of 15 when her first teacher Gopal Pujari was working at her home town Tashkent in Uzbekistan as a part of a mutual agreement between India and Uzbekistan. It was her grandmother and her mom who involved Iveta into yoga lifestyle and seriously have changed her mindset on a lot of things at a young age. She began her spiritual path by immersing into daily yoga practice, meditation and pranayama, praying and reading lots and lots of Osho books. She slowly started to understand the mystery of it all and that ahead was an awe-inspiring path of an ever-evolving journey which we call ‘life’.

After Iveta finished school she decided to move to Moscow with her mother where she continued her studies at the university studying marketing and hated it, so she went back to yoga and dancing, however life in Russia was cold and draining and not much connection has been established with a big city so Iveta is deciding to relocate with her father to Australia in August 2010. This route opens new exciting opportunities and an awesome future for a young woman.

In the first few years, it was quite challenging to establish in a new country, she knew no one besides her father and 2 sisters, Valentina and Elizabeth. (who are now professional tennis players). Iveta has explored different industries, including real estate, childcare, fashion, dance, travel and finally came back to yoga. The love and passion for it have never left her heart and after much disappointment in everything she did before, Iveta decides to do her second YTTC this time in Goa, India, where yoga began its breath…

The journey took her on the new heights of self-awareness and social impact ability. After Iveta came back at the end of 2017, she decided she needs to begin fresh, give up the old unconscious and begin with a new approach on how to impact the current state of the society, how to help us all evolve and grow into healthier, richer, more insightful and beautiful connections with our soul and those around us.

Today Iveta has a massage practice and does angelic communication readings for her community, facilitates meditation and health retreats around Australia with her main focus on private individually tailored classes and programs to suit particular client requirements. Her ability to intuitively respond to a clients’ unique life situation leaves plenty of room for flexibility and exclusivity within the approach and a programme itself. Iveta’s life is purely dedicated to the community and her passion for this work continues to grow every day which became her life’s mission.

If you feel a call to work together on a particular project or event, have a question or an enquiry or simply have a friendly urge to connect, feel free to drop a message here or check out the website for more info www.aatmaayoga.com

Lots of love and healing to you and your family xx A’ho.

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