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Guest Post Guidelines

Please read the following simple guidelines before sending your posts for review.

  • 600+ words in length
  • A meta description and focus keyword
  • Author name and profile image
  • A feature image at least 1024px wide
  • In content links must not be to sales focused pages (think informative blog posts, guides, tools or other resources).
  • In content links must not be to pages on the same topic.
  • Your post will remain live for a minimum 12 months (most likely much longer)
  • We may make minor edits or add links to your post without notification


If you send a guest post submission neglecting the above guidelines you will not receive a response – we receive too many guest posts to respond to everyone. Follow the guidelines and we’ll let you know if your post is successful within 3 business days and share it with our 10k+ social followers once published!

Sponsored Posts

We can also offer the option for us to write a blog post on your behalf. We allow one link to a webpage of your choice in the article.  It will cover a topic related to your link, over 600 words in total and a very high quality with relevant image included.

This type of article will be featured in one of the main sections of our website and on the home page of the website for a couple of weeks. We will also share the article on all our social media accounts. The cost for this service is $99 AUD paid in advance.