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The 6 Most Popular Paving Patterns and Designs (With Examples)

The widespread use and popularity of paving patterns dates back centuries. Starting with the Romans, who experimented with and pioneered various paving designs spanning thousands of mosaic and cobbled paths and roads, these earliest paving patterns and designs can still be seen in ancient cities around the world today. Paving patterns: from past to present Of course, these early paving patterns were basic and crude, matching the limited tools the medieval builder had to work with. Today, pavin..

Our 6 All-Time Favourite Hens Party Games

In 2022, getting married is still a very big deal. Especially now we are getting back to normal life and social celebrations together. But perhaps even more important than ever is the manner in which we send the 'hen' off into married bliss. The hens night is the perfect way to celebrate those last glorious days as a bachelorette - and a great hens do is always made more memorable with great hens party ideas, from venues and locations to entertainment. But to make sure there's plenty of fun ..

5 Ways a Home Alarm System Can Protect Your Family

When it comes to protecting our families, our possessions, and our precious pets, it's important to choose the best options. Installing a home alarm system can keep your family safe from several threats and give you peace of mind. 1. Secure your possessions Buying home owner’s insurance is one step towards protecting your valuable belongings. But the payout doesn’t entirely make up for the inconvenience and heartache of having to replace your favourite things. A home alarm system can p..

The Basic Electrical Maintenance Of A Caravan

Caravans are simple, elegant machines. They trundle along silently behind your car or truck, without a care in the world, providing you with a place of refuge for the night ahead and many memories. The same can be said for their electrical systems — these uncomplicated systems were made for uncomplicated machines. This is fantastic for the inexperienced roadside electrician (yourself) and an experienced automotive electrician. It means you can rig up certain things in your caravan’..

Sustainable Shopping: 5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Consumption

As individuals, one of the most significant differences we can make to the environment is by choosing eco-friendly products. When we read about governments flouting environmental laws and big corporations polluting the oceans, it is easy to feel powerless to affect positive change. In reality, this is far from the truth. How we shop can go a long way to protect the environment and inspire change in others. Recent years have mainly seen a shift towards more environmentally responsible c..

Top 10 Things To Pack In Your Bag For Labour

As your pregnancy progresses, you're likely to feel the excitement about bringing this new life into the world. You may also start feeling anxious about what to pack for the hospital. The following ten items are a must in your hospital bag. (more…)..

6 Types Of Negotiation You Need To Know About

For as long as human beings have been collaborating, we've been negotiating. The word itself - 'negotiation' - is actually made up from two Latin words, negare and otium. Together, it means "to deny leisure", which slid into the French and Spanish languages as a definition for 'business' itself. Instinctively, any collaborative person or organisation understands what it means to negotiate - to navigate a mutually-acceptable path through a problem where conflict or two or more other interests..

So, Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

You might have thought the corset was out of style, but you couldn't possibly be more wrong. In fact, it's no longer just a sexy accessory, because the modern iteration - the so-called 'waist trainer' - is today's way to look great, slim that waistline, get the hourglass figure that's so in vogue, and even lose weight or tighten that post-pregnancy belly. But do waist trainers work, really? Now, in the spirit of balance, it's fair to admit that there are naysayers. They say waist trainers..

Ensuite Bathroom Design & Layout Ideas

Today, more and more people are deciding to add an ensuite bathroom to their homes. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise since there are many benefits. First of all, if you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to wait for your turn to take a shower. But with an ensuite, you will be able to hop into your private shower straight from your bed. Not only this, but an ensuite bathroom will make your home more suitable for having guests and increase its value. Still, if you decide to a..