Paintball at Skirmish Samford Paintball is the ultimate paintball experience. Situated on the outskirts of Brisbane it is the closest outdoor paintball facility. The interactive Battle Bunker and Iron Dome has reset Paintball in Brisbane and the world, to a whole new level! Experience the fun, the rush, the exhilaration, that is paintball at Skirmish Samford Paintball Independently owned and operated since 1987 you get the benefit of over 30 years’ experience in the paintball game.Battlefields, featuring special effects, real world armoured military vehicles. Urban and Wilderness Combat Zones and mind-blowing Fort complexes. Pill boxes, fortified positions and base camps. Intricate trench and tunnel networks, multiple bridges and so much more.Paintball is great for Bucks, hens, birthday parties, social get-together and even for a bit of fitness! Brisbane paintball Leaders. Setting the standard, the others try to obtain……Join the battle today!Skirmish Samford Paintball was originally called Skirmish Paintball Action Centre Samford. Then that was reduced to Skirmish Samford, then Paintball Samford and finally Skirmish Samford Paintball. As you can see, we have been around for a long time and paintball has been called both skirmish and of course paintball.

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Paintball Samford
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