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Novacolor Australia | New Zealand imports speciality finishes from Italy. Finishes including stucco, polished plaster, Archi+, Wall2Floor and metallic finishes. With industry knowledge that stretches over 30 years, Alan is recognised as the ‘go-to’ person in the decorative industry world within Australia and New Zealand.

Searching for a new look for your home or business? One that is modern, yet classic and refined? Speak to the expert team at Novacolor Australia today about our extensive range of high-quality Venetian plaster options.

When you buy Venetian plaster, you are making an investment towards lasting and timeless elegance, providing your home with a striking and versatile new look that can be adapted to suit your interior design choices and tastes.

Our Venetian polished plaster is popular with homeowners who want to give their home a brighter and more open look. The reflexive service captures any light entering the room and is the perfect way to create inviting, palatial bathrooms, liven up a room that has little to no access to natural light and to provide that extra element of class and style to your outdoor entertaining area.

When you want to select from a wide range of high-quality Venetian plasters, shop with the experts at Novacolor Australia.

Trusted Venetian Plaster Company in Australia

Novacolor Australia is one of the most trusted and sought-after names in Venetian plaster production, supply and distribution.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Italy, ensuring that each and every item that carries the Novacolor logo meets the same high standards of quality control, aesthetic appeal and durability.

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