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How Our Melbourne Private Investigators Get You Answers

In-depth investigations for a 99% success rate

When you pay an investigator to find someone, they usually only do a quick database search. If your information is easy to find, that’s great. But if your case is trickier, you’re out of luck. No simple database search will be able to help.

Our Melbourne private eyes don’t just do a database search.

Our agents dig through all the data they can find. They take the time to make connections, follow clues and track down contacts.

If your answers are out there, we’ll find them. We have a 99% success rate in getting answers.

Your case won’t close until you’ve got answers

Most private investigators will close your case after a quick search. You only get the answers that are easy to find. There is no follow up or digging for clues.

We’re different at Melbourne Investigations. If we can’t get you an answer, we won’t close your case. Instead, your investigation will go into a special file on our desk.

We regularly revisit these cases that had no resolution at the time. Sometimes new information becomes available, or a connection reveals itself.

We aren’t happy until we’ve found out everything we possibly can. Give yourself the best chance of a successful investigation.

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