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Lisa Hellwege established Earworx in 2016 with the intention of creating the first dedicated professional ear wax removal service in Tasmania. Since founding the first office in Hobart, Earworx has grown to include two more offices, in Ulverstone and Newstead.

Lisa holds national accreditation in Micro-Suction and Aural Hygiene, and she has also undertaken a Course in Aural Care adapted from the Aural Care Certificate delivered by Mandeville Hospital in the United Kingdom.

Dani Donegan is the registered nurse for the two North-West clinics. Dani and Lisa both have extensive experience in the ENT field, as well as being distinguished and highly-experienced nurses.

Each clinic uses the same proven and safe removal method – micro-suction. ENT specialists across Australia have used this technique, as it offers a dry and gentle removal method that has no adverse impacts on the fragile ear canals.

Earworx fills a crucial gap in the medical service offering. While ear wax is an entirely natural, healthy, and beneficial substance, impacted or excess ear wax can create many health issues, ranging from hearing loss to tinnitus and ear pain.

People that wear hearing aids, work in dusty environments or have narrow, curvy or hairy ear canals are particularly susceptible to ear wax disorders. Stress can also lead to increased production.

The problem with conventional ear wax removal methods is that they create more issues than they solve. Using foreign objects to remove wax only pushes it further into the ear canal, and home remedy results are negligible at best.

At our clinic, you’ll be looked after by a registered nurse, who will use cutterage and micro-suction tools to dislodge and remove ear wax. This is the only medically-approved method, which is why Lisa, and now Dani, have worked so hard to bring it to the people of Tasmania.

If you want to enjoy clear, pain-free ears, you need to visit your closest Earworx clinic.

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